The Cross-Chain Lease Protocol

Elevate your game with up to 3x equity. Dive into a world of minimized risks and unlock the full potential of your assets

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DeFi The Odds

Borrowing and lending in crypto markets isn’t what it should be. That’s why they need a shake up


The industry suffers from steep over-collateralization, making lending options unfavorable. The practice of using high locked-up collateral is holding back the market's potential because it ties up otherwise useful capital to help better manage your risk

Asset Ownership

Leverage allows you to boost your equity stake without the need for over-collateralized loans. However, leveraged products don't grant ownership of the underlying asset; they only reflect its price movements, while costing north of 40% per annum

Risk of Liquidation

When pursuing amplified gains through either over-collateralized loans or futures contracts, it's important to recognize that both approaches come with heightened liquidation risks that could lead to a complete loss of your equity rather fast

Meet Nolus

A novel money market designed to abstracts DeFi complexity for you


With Nolus DeFi Lease, you get up to 150% financing on your initial investment, while benefiting from reduced margin call risks. Additionally, you gain access to the underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted strategies, all delivered in a streamlined experience


With Nolus, tapping into various liquidity pools is effortless, eliminating the need to build up own liquidity from scratch. This allows Nolus immediate asset lending or swapping using any connected DEX


Earn real yield and rewards by lending stablecoins through Nolus. Enjoy cash-based interest distribution, dynamically calculated according to protocol utilization levels. Take advantage of flexible top-ups and withdrawals, available at your convenience

The NLS Token

Community Rewards

As an active stakeholder, you will be rewarded for participating in the underlying consensus of the network and contribute to governing the protocol's future development. Your involvement matters, and you get to shape the future of the Nolus Protocol

Better Rates

As a stakeholder you will enjoy reduced interest rates on asset leverage through DeFi Leases, and when providing liquidity you experience improved rates on your supplied stablecoins

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